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Company Name:
Executive Personnel Services
Job Purpose
Responsible for the day to day execution of the move product function.
This encompasses the management of :
- Import / Export and distribution functions
- LSP operations : Brokerage, Transportation, Courier,
- Control Towers : coordination of import/export activities outsourced to DHL
- Contracted Processes: invoicing functions

Area of Responsibility
- Regional remit (US / Canada)
- GMS to commercial and where applicable GMS to GMS and Commercial in market / in region distribution can include domestic shipments between sites and up to Commercial warehouses
- All GSK business sectors, including but not limited to:
Consumer Healthcare
ViiV Healthcare
Vaccines (where applicable)
External Supply
Production Procurement (where applicable)
R&D (where applicable)
- All Transport modes : air, road, rail, ocean, multi-modal
- All Import/Export functions, including but not limited to :
Shipment planning process and execution
Import / Export documentation
Brokerage and relevant procedures (eg. CFSP for Uk)
Customer service
Supply chain Incident management
- All Import/Export outsourced activities, including but not limited to :
Control Towers
Documentation Planning and Distribution
- All inbounds into commercial MMWs, regional warehouses, manufacturing site warehouses and external supplier locations
All outbound shipments from commercial MMWs , regional warehouses, manufacturing site warehouses and external supplier locations
The above responsibilities can vary according to the regional operations set up

Expected Delivery

Responsible for the on time delivery of products to our customer
Responsible for internal and external / issue resolution process for the following activities generally performed by sites / LSPs / Control Towers
Facilitate operational reviews between LSPs and GSK.
Ensure high quality customer services and delivery of key messages in an operational context
Responsible for the management of specific customs local procedures and operations (eg CFSP in the UK, PDD in France, deferment accounts...)
Develop and maintain ongoing operational relationships between trading partners outsourced process providers , Control Towers, manufacturing sites and various LSPs
Collaborate with Move Product Performance Manager to ensure provision of clean data and robust processes to allow outsourced process providers, Control Tower and LSPs in general to successfully perform the outsourced MPI activities
Support business changes including launches and manage the impact on LSPs (Operations, Control Tower, outsourced process providers). This will be done in collaboration with Move Product Optimisation manager.
Work closely with the Move Product performance team to establish and use key operational dashboards
Monitor in collaboration with the Compliance Manager the execution of LSPs audit/slef inspection and drive CAPAs to completion
Support the strategy as defined by the Move Product Strategy Director by embedding OE, BCM principles within LSP via day to day communication
Responsible for monitoring the amount of stock at the LSP's premises so as to comply with Quality Assurance, regulatory guidelines (i.e. MHRA), finance, GIA and Insurance requirements.
Input into the Service Complains and Distribution Incident Report process
Deliver on improvement initiatives (
Manage workload capacity for Control Tower and outsourced process providers
Accountable for stabilization activities post change implementation

Coordination of pick up and freight booking

Coordination of import/export documentation

Coordination of import/export customs clearance process

Transport of goods (including adherence to temperature control requirements, damages, proof of delivery...)

Customer service for the above activities

Impact & Risk

- A key enabler to on time supply delivery
- A key enabler to customer service excellence
- A key enabler in reduction of supply chain incidents / issues
- A key enabler in the respect of Compliance / Product quality

Problem Solving

- Able to make quick decisions to keep the supply chain fluid
- Able to risk manage with limited information
- Able to create and use network to support operations management
- Able to analyse incidents trending and suggest improvements (> 3 months)
- Able to drive 3rd party contractors towards excellence

Interpersonal Skills
- Interactions with include, but are not limited to:
Peer directors in the Move Product Shared service
GMS and commercial logistics staff: operational, management and strategic
Divisional and regional logistics leadership
Logistics Service Providers: operational, management and strategic
Other Supplychain Logistics functions and their customers
GSK Trading Partner Operations
Corportate quality
Corporate security
Corporate risk management
GMS and commercial finance
- Able to work in autonomy with minimum drive
- Managing time pressure and the balance of personal/family time and work time
- Excellent networking and relationship building skills. Able to quickly build trust either with customers or sponsors
- Ability to work effectively in a matrix organisation across geographies and cultures.
- Excellent communication skills, both interpersonal and presentation; able to interact with and influence all levels of individuals across a variety of organisations
- Working in groups of individuals to work together on creating solutions.
Managerial Responsibility

Scope Data (budget / sales responsibility)
- Control Tower export volumes
Europe : 2000 shipments/month
US : 200 shipments/month

- Number of Export shipments :
Ex- EMEA = 24500/year
Ex-Americas = 9500/year
Ex-AP = 3500/year
- Number of Import shipments :
In- EMEA = 9000/year
In-Americas = 13000/year
in-AP = 16000/year

- Overall Freight Spent : 100 M

- Number of sites : approx 80 GMS, 230 ES
- Number of markets : approx 140 worldwide

Project Scope

- Identification and deployment of short term improvement initiatives (

Creating Business Solutions
- Use operational expertise to input into Move Product Strategy
- Adapt operational model to support business changes without compromising key standard and repeatable principle
- Develop a network across the shared service and broader business to identify opportunities
Influence & Communication
- Excellent Communication Skills
- Able Individual must be able to exert influence with peers across Divisions as well as vertically within the GSK organization in order to obtain desired outcomes.
- Manage customers dispersed across locations / regions
- Understand different perspectives and satisfy the needs and expectations of customers
- Build peer networks and manage relationships with our supplier base and be able to diagnose and resolve problems that occur in the move product operations in order to maintain continuity of supply and offer root cause information to correct the process.
- Ability to obtain senior stakeholder buy in, including prioritisation and resource allocation

Specialised Knowledge

Education - Basic

- Educated to degree level
Experiences - Basic

- Demonstrated in depth operational experience in international logistics operations
- Extensive knowledge in multi-modals distribution and cross-border regulations (inbounds and outbounds)
- Proven Customer focus / Stakeholder management
- Knowledge of GSK supply chain, trading partners organizations and sites logistics functions
- Operational knowledge of corporate systems
- Working knowledge of Incoterms
- Experience in performance management of 3rd party contracts
- Knowledge of regional importation laws and regulations
- Excellent interpersonal skills and experience of working in a multi-cultural environment
- Ability to drive improvements and performance focusing on customer service levels and cost reduction
- Change management skills
- Ability to work pro-actively with of directions
- Resilient / Ability to work under pressure

Education - Preferred

- Formal logistics or international trade qualifications
Experiences - Preferred
- Proven ability to work in a high change environment
- Experience of GSK Commercial requirements
- Additional language(s) may be an advantage
- Knowledge of external logistics environment - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist