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You're a Developer, no you're a Systems Administrator ... no, you're DevOps! You've got the coding chops, you've got the hardware skill, but your passion is in the combination of the two to solve complicated problems in scalability, reliability and availability (and other -ilities!). You're solving problems in the real world - using what hardware and tricks you have to make the most of the current infrastructure while at the same time knowing how and when to allocate more resources to make the platform hum.
The DevOps position is responsible for implementing, monitoring, supporting and scaling the infrastructure that powers our application. You will be a dedicated DevOps / SysAdmin and a vital member of the development team. We are a email marketing and marketing automation company experiencing explosive growth. We power the messages that help small and medium businesses build relationships with their customers and people love us for the level of service and tools we provide.
Configuring, deploying and maintaining our web, application, database and mail servers, as well as the network equipment, routers, switches and load balancers
Performing capacity management, performance tuning and load testing of our infrastructure
Monitoring performance and service availability to ensure - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist