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Job-id-300101-Managing IBM mainframe hardware experience , buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

Company Name:
Trinity Cloud Company
Job-id-300101-Managing IBM mainframe hardware experience ,

Location-Durham, NC,
Duration -18 months

This job will predominantly be working with the hardware. So when people mention performing mainframe upgrade, in any reference, it would be helpful to understand what they did outside of upgrading software or testing the software on the new boxes. Software work on mainframe upgrades is of little interest to me concerning these positions. They need to be able to used Hardware Configuration Definition (HCD), use the Hardware Management Console (HMC), Support Element (SE), configure IBM DS8000 series products at the basic level, have experience with Brocade Network Advisor (BNA), familiar with Server Time Protocol (STP)."

Hiring Mgr needs Systems Programmer resumes with Mainframe background. Experience with processor, switch build-outs and configs, etc. Hardware-centric background.

Must have experience in managing IBM mainframe hardware in a complex environment (z/OS, z10, z196, FICON, IBM DASD and HDS DASD)
Configure, design, plan, implement, manage and provide level 2 support of mainframe hardware
Collaborate with and work assignments within the team
Plan and implement platform maintenance
Participate in and manage multi-organizational complex/strategic projects
Lead the installation and/or development of infrastructure on multiple systems (discipline based)
Design and manage implementation of process improvements for the organization and the firm
Prepare and update technical documentation
Participate in technical direction - new technology identification and testing
Participate in and lead cross-functional projects
Influence vendor product design to meet company business goals
Maintain vendor relationships to facilitate problem resolution 7x24 on-call support
Work across functional organizations in the identification of corporate-wide technology initiatives
Serve as a corporate resource for technical and platform knowledge
Develop thorough technical components of strategic initiatives
Initiate project or strategy discussions with other technical groups

Must have experience in managing IBM mainframe hardware in a complex environment (z/OS, z10, z196, FICON, IBM DASD and HDS DASD)
Experience in large multi-site Mainframe Sysplex/Coupling environments
Understanding of Mainframe Hardware including processors, storage, FICON switches, channel extension, network connectivity and infrastructure
HCD/IODF writing
SUN STK Configuration file change and management
Disaster recovery processes and mirroring techniques including (TC/HUR, SI, XRC, FC, PPRC)
MVS products and utilities including TSO/ISPF JCL, Batch Jobs - Edit & Submit & Monitor & minor debug, SDSF
Vendor management of hardware customer engineers

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